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 About us:

    DongHai Oukon quartz Manufactory.

     ShenZhen Oukon Technology CO.,LTD are manufacture of glass quartz,quartz tube,quartz rod,quartz tubes,quartz tubing,quartz lamp,quartz light,quartz rods,fused,quartz tube,quartz tube suppliers,fused silica rollers,silica tube,quartz window,fused quartz,quartz glass tube,quartz glass tubing,quartz plates,quartz glass wares, laboratory glasswares, fused silica, quartz cuvettes, quartz glass tubing for heaters and lighting, quartz powder, fused silica grain, further processing quartz tube and more.. Our products quality can be reach GE or PHILIPS. We can provide high quality products and competitive price.   

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      DongHai Oukon quartz Manufactory is situated in Lianyungang,China,Known far and wide "Chinese quartz Center"--Donghai County, in the county stores the rich high quality silicon resources. Our company has already formed three specialized quartz tubes plants, and two high pure quartz sands plants, an electric appliance plant, has the strong development designed capacity the provincial level high technology and new technology enterprise.
      The main product has phi 2-150mm The quartz silica glass tube, filters the ultraviolet quartz glass tube, the creamy white quartz tube, the semiconductor quartz prefabrication stick, the low hydroxyl quartz glass tube, the ozone quartz tube, the high pure quartz sand, the heater, the heterogeneous type tube etc. The product widely applies in aspect and so on electricity photosource and illumination, electrical appliances, chemical industry, communication, electron. At present, the enterprise has yearly produce each kind of quartz glass tube 1,100 tons, high pure quartz sand 2,300 tons, the annual Sales Volume is nearly US$ 6million.

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 www.baidu.com    www.google.com    www.glass.cn    www.alibaba.com    www.sohu.com    www.yahoo.com   

 www.baidu.com    www.google.com    www.glass.cn    www.alibaba.com    www.sohu.com    www.yahoo.com